Trademark Registration Attorneys

August 13th, 2009

We Are REAL Trademark Registration Attorneys.


We want to provide you a ‘no risk’ custom quote tailored to your specific trademark registration needs.


Would you really trust a self-help service like Legal Zoom, a trademark filing service or a cut-rate law firm to correctly prepare and file your trademark registration? We are a REAL trademark law firm with REAL trademark lawyers dedicated to comprehensive trademark registration and protection services for clients who take their intellectual property seriously. Our lawyers have over 75 years of cumulative experience in handling trademark registration issues. Let one of our trademark registration attorneys provide you a ‘No Risk’ CUSTOM project quote designed to address your specific business needs.

Eight (8) Critical Steps To Trademark Registration & Protection.

  1. Select a unique word or logo for your business, product or service.
  2. Have an experienced trademark registration attorney perform an availability search to make sure you are not infringing someone else’s existing trademark.
  3. Obtain an opinion letter from your attorney stating that the proposed trademark registration does not infringe a third party mark.
  4. Correctly prepare and file a trademark registration at USPTO.
  5. Be ready to respond to office actions from the examining attorney at the United States Trademark Office.
  6. When your trademark registration is published for opposition, be prepared to respond to any third party objections to registration.
  7. Once your trademark is registered, use the ® to put others on notice that you are claiming exclusive rights in the trademark.
  8. Monitor and protect your trademark from third-party infringement, increasing your trademark value.

Most  trademark registration services only handle step 4, quoting the lowest possible fee, leaving you to fend for yourself on the more critical parts of the trademark registration process. You need an experienced trademark registration attonrey to handle the entire trademark process. Contact us for a ‘no risk’ custom quote and compare our comprehensive registration services with the so-called ‘competition.’

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